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ESI CoE logoESI Centre of Excellence Executive Summary

Are you a senior member of your organisation and do you have strategic influence over the role of Project and/or Programme Management within your organisation? If so, become a member of our Centre of Excellence.


The Objectives of the Centre of Excellence

ESI’s ‘Centre of Excellence’ group was formed in January 2009 to provide a forum for some of our most experienced and forward-thinking industry leaders to share ideas and best practices that will improve the performance of their organisations. The mission of the Centre of Excellence revolves around 3 areas:

  • To provide a platform to share ideas and best practices that will improve the performance of their organisations
  • To learn about current and future market trends
  • To act as the catalyst for key industry leaders to network, build relationships with their peers and ESI executives, and exchange information that will improve their operations

A survey was conducted at the end of 2008 in order to take this community forward and to understand the challenges and issues being faced by the Project Management Office. This included both quantitative and qualitative data focusing on the Project Management Office. The collated responses from this survey helped us construct the content for our half day event “PMO in Hard Times – Adding Value or Adding Cost?” which took place in London on Tuesday 3rd of March 2009.

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CoE event

Centre of Excellence Activities

  • Surveys – One of the activities the COE members will be involved in are participating in surveys focussing on various topics.
  • The survey - “The Challenges to Success for Project/Programme Management Offices” conducted at the end of 2008, provided the market with very valuable insight into the world of the PMO. This survey found that the majority of PMOs still endeavour to realise the full measure of their potential. Variances exist among PMO of roles and responsibilities, performance metrics, standards for success, and stature from organisation to organisation.

    Surveying PMO professionals on the success of their PMO indicated four key conclusions:

    • PMOs require maturity in order to successfully deliver
    • Executive support is essential for the success of the PMO
    • A better understanding of the PMO role from the wider organisation is needed in order to succeed
    • PMOs need the right resources to succeed
  • Events - Our events are a vital part of the COE activities, and helps us to remain thought leaders in the industry. These events explore very advanced topics and their objective is to provide the opportunity for our members to network with other colleagues on a face-to-face basis. These events are a mixture of case study, to share knowledge and best practice and workshops, to enable delegates to share ideas and experiences. The COE hosts to 2 to 3 events per year.
  • The events will generally cover various ‘Hot Topics’ and during our previous events, topics which were discussed were the following:

    3rd March 2009 - PMO In Hard Times – Adding Value or Adding Cost

    • Introduction and background on the PMO – LeRoy Ward, Executive Vice President, Strategy Execution
    • Case Study: PMO - Its Time to Shine – Steve Cray, Director of Programme & Project Management, Ericsson Ltd
    • Case Study: PMO Set up and Best Practices – Prabhat Garga, Programme Management Director, AMEC
    • Workshop: ESI’s ‘PMO Competency Continuum Model’ – John Pelham, ESI Senior Instructor

    30th June 2009 - Creating and Maintaining PMO Value

    • Workshop 1: What Sort of Shape is Your PMO in? – John Pelham, PMO Specialist – ESI Senior Instructor
    • Case Study : How Did Siemens Shape its PMO? – Peter Taylor, EMEA Project Management Office Director – Siemens
    • Workshop 2 : Your PMO Competencies : Sharing Your Gains and Your Pains – Simon Harris, Governance and Benefits Management Specialist – ESI Senior Instructor

    23rd November 2009 – Governance and Cross Project Learning, Making it Real and Making it Work

    • Embracing the Governance of Change – John Bartlett, Senior Instructor – Strategy Execution
    • Case Study: Building a Project Management Culture at Tetra Pak – Matts Larsson, Director, Global Training – Tetra Pak
    • Case Study : Developing a Project Management Culture at ASML – David Davies, Twinscan PMO Manager - ASML

    23rd March 2010 – Maximising the Impact of Your Learning Investment – Pragmatic Best Practices From the Trenches

    • Introduction, Part 1 – Current Trends and the Need for Better Measurement: – Raed Haddad, Senior Vice President of Global Delivery Service – Strategy Execution
    • Introduction, Part 2 – Current Trends and the need for Better Measurement – Raed Haddad, Senior Vice President of Global Delivery Service – Strategy Execution
    • Success with Change – Some Key Lessons – Paul Rayner, Chairman - ProgM, Managing Consultant - Logica UK Ltd

    5th October 2010 – Sharing ‘Real Life’ PMO Challenges – The CoE Community Members Speak!

    • Case Study 1 – Project Managers as the Voice of the Customer – Mike Wenden, Programme Manager – Philips Healthcare
    • Case Study 2 – Commercial PMO Set up & Marketing Strategies – Sam Shahid, Portfolio Manager – Sanctions & Regulatory New Initiatives – Barclays Plc
    • Case Study 3 – Lessons Learned and Knowledge sharing from a regionalised to a global PMO – Bjorn Nilsson, Head of PMO – Brightpoint Inc

    26th May 2011 – The Global State of the PMO: Its Value, Effectiveness and Role as the Hub of Training

    • The Global State of the PMO: Its Value, Effectiveness and Role as the Hub of Training – J. LeRoy Ward, PMP, PgMP, Executive Vice President, Product Strategy & Management at Strategy Execution
    • PMO as a focus for training: Good for your business, good for your mind, good for your soul, good for your career? – Kik Piney, Senior Instructor, Strategy Execution, Peter Cresswell, Head of Professional Services (EMEA), Strategy Execution

    18th November 2011 – How to create a "high performing" environment through sustainable learning

    • The secret to sustainable learning – David Robertson, Vice President, Executive Consultant at The Forum Corporation
    • Orange Business Services – Raising performance standards across their Global PM practice – Case Study – Ian Templeton, OPM3®, PgMP®, PMP®, MSP(adv), PRINCE2, MCMI, Head of Project & Programme Management Centre of Excellence at Orange Business Services

    14th March 2012 – The Global State of the PMO 2012: On the Road to the Next-Generation

    • The Global State of the PMO 2012: On the Road to the Next-Generation : J.LeRoy Ward, PMP® Executive Vice President, Product Strategy & Management, Strategy Execution
    • Leading Successful PMOs: Peter Taylor, Senior Director: Strategic Business Development, Infor & renowned speaker and author of ‘The Lazy Project Manager’ & ‘Leading Successful PMOs’
    • Interactive Session – Chance to share your views and experience : Peter Taylor, Infor & Peter Cresswell, Strategy Execution

    The Centre of Excellence’s main aim is to continue to provide very successful and useful events for the future and focus on popular subject areas and areas of value to members. We expect our future events to contain a good balance of case studies and workshops.

  • Tools/Resources
  • This member only group will have access to useful tools and resources including high level relevant whitepapers/articles, press releases, webinars and podcasts. As well as survey reports conducted by ESI, access to other useful survey reports will also be accessible. Past event presentation slides are also available to members of this group.

  • PMO Blog
  • Members of the Centre of Excellence will be able to participate in a PMO specific blog, targeted at the Project Management Office (PMO) Community. This blog will be initiated by subject matter experts and ESI will have a panel of experts to bring ideas and discussions to the table. We hope that our COE members will also be able to initiate discussions and be able to take away valuable information.

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Benefits of becoming a member of the Centre of Excellence

The Centre of Excellence is a members only community. The Centre of Excellence started off in January 2009 with 45 senior level members and within just four months of its launch this number went up to 100 and is still growing today. Eligibility for admission to the Centre of Excellence is assessed by the members’ level of seniority and experience.

The benefits of joining the Centre of Excellence are many – each member will have the opportunity to:

  • Network with other highly experienced and like- minded members
  • Attend up to 3 high level meetings/events per year and hear the latest industry news from top-level speakers
  • Participate in ad hoc surveys – have your say and access ground breaking market research
  • Access latest industry research through white papers, podcasts and reports
  • Share general best practices, strategic ideas, specific needs, and tips with peers and with ESI

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CoE event

Criteria for admission

  • To become a member the applicant must be of senior standing and have strategic influence over the role of Project and/or Programme Management within their organisation
  • The member must be willing to commit their own time to the success of the CoE, as well as be willing to share thoughts on best practice, strategic thinking and personal experience
  • It is recommended that no more than 3 individuals from the same business unit within an organisation are invited to become members

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Apply to Join

If you are interested in joining the Centre of Excellence group please complete the form below.

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