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ESI's Agile Management Solutions

In an economic environment in which project budget and scope changes can take place with little notice, effective project teams must learn to change course just as quickly.

The benefits and elements of the agile approach make it a must-have skill set for organisations across multiple verticals. Its ability to adapt as needed, bring teams together, and produce results quickly over multiple project phases, activities and product iterations are the primary reasons behind its gaining popularity, well beyond IT. While most will need to continue to use their traditional project delivery methods, it is increasingly important to incorporate agile methods for projects requiring a high degree of flexibility.

Transitioning to Agile Methods

Despite agile's proven value and attributes, organisational transitions to new techniques are almost always a challenge.

ESI's Agile Solution offers organisations a practical means of incorporating agile, or transitioning from current, traditional project delivery approaches to an agile environment by providing the background and practice to adopt the method's new concepts and skills at all levels.

Four critical elements are required for a successful agile transition, and for each one, some form of intervention is necessary. ESI's Agile Solution supports each element of your transition, and offers strategic partnership and support that ensures that the appropriate solution results are met for each.

Preparing for and Providing the Agile Transition

Advocacy Readiness Education Proof
Preparing for the Change

Support and understanding of the value of agile at the management and executive management level. Preparedness of the organisation as a whole to shift to agile. The organisation's people, process, and tools show valid signs of readiness. Competency and skill set of those who will make up the project teams. Do they have the core knowledge and skills to successfully transition to agile? Application and evidence that substantiates the results can, in fact, be achieved. Once agile is used successfully on your first project, the proof is apparent and the organisation becomes more accepting of making change.

ESI's Delivery of Agile Solutions ESI's Executive sessions identify a strategic approach to supporting and championing agile. We typically do this in sessions lasting no more than 2-4 hours. ESI assessments determine the organisation's preparedness of the organisation to support the transition by examining the people, processes and tools currently in use. If needed, we will assess the current agile approach, using ESI's proprietary tools and templates developed specifically for this purpose, to determine why adoption hasn't been successful and determine areas for improvement. ESI's Agile Project Management course provides thorough knowledge and comprehension of the competency, skills, concepts and tools needed to make the change. The course equips project managers, business analysts and other team members to overcome business challenges by instilling them with the leadership and collaboration skills needed to develop requirements through the use of user stories and shows them how to navigate projects efficiently using agile's iterative approach. Once an organisation is prepared to transition to agile, ESI provides coaching and mentoring services to the project team, through Impact Workshops, or one-on-one consulting, to ensure that application of agile is properly implemented for the first project. Support is available throughout all phases (Envision, Speculate, Explore, and Adapt) of an agile project and our experienced consultants can assist with deliverable creation, such as user stories development and backlog prioritisation.

ESI's Agile Solutions are designed to be flexible, and agile, to meet each client's specific needs. To learn more, contact ESI at +44 (0)20 3743 2910 or