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Benefits and Elements of ESI's Agile Approach

Signature elements of the agile method include increased project adaptability through continual communication, ongoing customer and team involvement, an emphasis on individual creativity and reduced documentation. The agile method also:

  • Adds flexibility for projects with elusive requirements.
    Since requirements in agile are developed using "user stories", this process of requirements development lends itself to flexing with changing business needs for each iteration.

  • Reduces the rigor of planned execution and encourages leadership and vision, which creates an environment that fosters innovation and creativity, and produces a better product.

  • Minimises documentation to encourage users to define requirement in plain language instead speaking in technical terms.

  • Adapts to evolving expectations and requirements. A critical factor in agile is the assumption that change, rather than being perceived as a failure, is considered an opportunity to improve the product and make it more fit for its use and business purpose.

  • Produces products and solutions faster by creating an environment in which innovation and creativity focuses on customer needs, which lends itself to accurate solution development.

  • Lets the stakeholder and customer become immersed in solution development allowing ownership and accountability. The customer/stakeholder can test the product firsthand to ensure it is meeting their needs, while at the same time be allowed to see results early and often.