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Taking Your Seat at the Strategy Table: The Training and Skills PMO Leaders Need to Engage at a Strategic Level

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Often, the person in the best position to identify if a specific project will actually benefit an organisation strategically is the person placed in charge of managing it. Drawing on experience from past project successes and failures, and evaluating the impact of a project after it is completed are skills developed through experience, and can have an important impact in the

Preparing to Take Your Seat at the Strategy Table: The Training and Skills You Need to Engage at a Strategic Level discusses:

  • The differences between strategic project leadership and traditional project management
  • Big impact steps to take to secure your position as a strategic leader in the organisation 
  • The critical skills every project-based worker needs and how to develop them

Research by the Project Management Institute shows that the success rates of higher-performing project management leaders also aligns with a company’s financial performance. With that in mind, it’s critical that project leaders can identify if an assigned initiative supports their organisation’s strategic goals. The key is to move away from traditional project/programme management to strategic project/programme management.