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Building Innovation From the Business Unit Up: The Steps You’re Not Taking Are Holding You Back

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Companies want to innovate. But, innovation is wasted if you can’t follow through with execution. To realise the return on a stroke of genius, an organisation must move a project from conception to market. They must be willing to scrap ideas, no matter how brilliant, if they don’t align with the organisation’s overall strategy. Innovation most often succeeds – and earns a return on investment – when it is part of an organisation’s culture. So, what separates an innovative company from its peers?

Building Innovation from the Business Unit Up: The Steps You’re Not Taking are Holding You Back discusses:

  • The seven common characteristics of truly innovative companies
  • The impact of poor project leadership on innovation, and how to change it
  • Questions to ask to measure if your company is ready to innovate

One of the strategic priorities for a business leader is to drive innovation — but a key pain point and barrier to achievement is a lack of ability to do that, hindered by a variety of challenges that span everything from resourcing concerns to process failure. This piece offers guidance on the steps most leaders miss that will greatly improve their ability to drive innovation at the business unit level.