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Successful Solutions Through Agile Project Management

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Although the Agile movement was the brainchild of the software development and IT world, it has grown and evolved. There is no question that today Agile project management can be, and has been, applied successfully to a broad range of projects. This mindset focuses on the delivery of value to the customer, rather than strict compliance to a rigorous set of procedures, and values inventiveness and innovation over predictability and unchanging processes. When implemented effectively, Agile drives a collaborative effort between the project team and end user where the focus remains on the project culture, vision, and result.

Successful Solutions through Agile Project Management discusses:

  • The main principles behind the Agile Manifesto
  • Challenges organisations face at the management, team, and stakeholder level as they transition to Agile
  • How conducting a readiness assessment can identify and evaluate the various organisational forces in place that may help or hinder Agile implementation

Agile requires a significant change to the way an organisation operates and the way its employees think. An organisation’s culture, structure and methodologies will determine the amount of effort required to transition to Agile, and continual reflection and evaluation of the team’s ability to execute will govern its success.