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Metrics for Agile Projects: Finding the right tools for the job

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Agile project managers have a wide range of metrics to choose from when it comes to tracking the progress of Agile projects. By understanding the variety of metrics, Agile project managers can determine how and when to use them most effectively — in order to perform one of the key functions of Agile: communicating progress to the customer.

Metrics for Agile Projects: Finding the Right Tools for the Job discusses:

  • Charts and tools that project managers can use to track progress and communicate updates to customers and stakeholders
  • Applying earned value management (EVM) to Agile Project Management
  • How traditional status reports can still be used to track Agile projects

Agile project managers must work closely with their clients and sponsors to develop reporting mechanisms that tell customers and stakeholders what they need to know and inspire confidence in the team through transparency and communication.