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Simulation: Project Management Applications

PM live - genialer Lerneffekt. Sehr konstruktive fundierte Feedbacks, nimmt sich auch außerhalb der Kurszeiten Zeit für die Teilnehmer.

Senior Projektmanager, Schweizer Verband der Raiffeisenbanken

Propose, plan and execute a full-scale project under typical organisational constraints.

Watch basic concepts come to life in this course; learn through a comprehensive synthesis of core project management principles designed to reinforce skills learned throughout the core curriculum. Build on your new competencies and test your skills as you work in teams to complete an extensive week-long realistic project case study. You will propose, plan and execute a full-scale project under typical organisational constraints. Follow your project through the life-cycle, resolving issues of performance, scheduling and control, as you also address questions of leadership and management. Each team member will take a turn as project manager, defining objectives and performing tasks and producing deliverables critical to the project’s success. Participants in this course will receive Strategy Execution’s Earned Valued Formula Finder*, which gives you all the information you need to determine cost, schedule, estimate-at-completion and estimate-to-complete values for your projects. You will also receive ‘Strategy Execution's Project Management Tools’ CD*.

Reminder: This practice-based course integrates the knowledge, skills and competencies that are gained in the other Strategy Execution core project management courses. Having a base in industry standard project management practices is a vital component to your success in this course.

What topics will be covered in the course?

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  1. Team Building
  2. Project assignment
    1. Initial project assessment
    2. Team ownership
  3. Organisational assessment: working with what you have
    1. Staffing
    2. Resources
    3. Management support
  4. Options assessment
    1. Pre-emptive troubleshooting
    2. Historical review
  5. Preproposal Analysis and Planning
    1. Analysing the market
    2. Assessing risk
    3. Building the team and reviewing roles
    4. Developing a plan to complete the proposal
  6. Proposal Kick-off and Preparation
    1. Evaluating the requirement
    2. Evaluating bid contracts
    3. Obtaining the team's commitment
    4. Writing the winning proposal
    5. Delegating to team members
    6. Managing time constraints
  7. Post-Award Planning
    1. Project kick-off meeting
    2. Goals
    3. Participants
    4. Principal points
    5. Detailed project planning
  8. Negotiation/Agreement
    1. Four steps of pre-negotiation preparation
    2. Negotiation performance
      • Exploratory sessions
      • Joint-gain resolution
    3. Post-negotiation activity
      • Memoranda and documentation
      • Communication
  9. Implementation
    1. Measuring performance
    2. Managing risk and uncertainty
    3. Reporting progress and following up
    4. Managing change and achieving project control
    5. Levelling resources
  10. Closeout
    1. Team
      • Review
      • Closeout
      • Reassignment
    2. Project
      • Documentation
      • Lessons learned
    3. Organisation
    4. Client
      • Sign-off
      • 'Ownership'
      • Revenue enhancement

What will I learn?

  • Select the level of staffing, resources, and management support required for the project
  • Assemble a project team and gain commitment on project objectives
  • Assign tasks based on work breakdown structure
  • Estimate time and costs and present a project plan to team members and stakeholders
  • Create a project binder documenting each stage of the project and lessons learned

What is included in the price?

All Digital Course Materials

Individual training consultation before and after the course

Available as customised in-house training

Let us bring our classes to you! Our in-house training are ideal for groups of 10 or more people. We can provide Off-the-shelf training in the form of our classic courses, or we can provide bespoke training, tailored to your organisational goals and objectives.

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