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Contract Management Principles and Practices


Der Kurs war auf die Anforderungen von Projektmanagern zugeschnitten und gab einen guten Überblick über alle Phasen des Vertragsmanagements. Der Dozent konnte das Thema gut vermitteln und bot interessante Einblicke aus seiner persönlichen Erfahrung. Mir ist das Thema Strategie bei Vertragsverhandlungen zu kurz gekommen, aber alles andere hat für mich gepasst.

Senior Project Manager, 1&1 Telecom


Reasonable course. Easy to read and follow. Good questions during each lesson

Customer Project Manager, Ericsson


My feedback/rates regarding Managing Contracts is very satisfied. The training was useful for me. I’ve learned more about Contracts types, negotiations & etc. Also the instructor is very professional

Business Consultant, Tengizchevroil


Good course, score is mainly due to my limit experiences in this aspect.

Research & Development, Sandvik


From a PM point of view, the training offers all necessary information one would need.

Project Manager, Global Blue S.A.


I enjoyed the course.

Project Manager, Energoprojekt


The Course was good, the material and met my expectation because I can easily apply into my day-by-day job.

Project Manager, BP, Angola

Ein absoluter Spitzenreferent, der es versteht, trockenen Stoff so einzupacken, dass es einen packt. Danke für diese lehrreichen Tage!

Senior Consultant & PMP, Deutsche BP AG Tankstellen Support

Learn how to approach contracts to ensure project success.

The environment in which contracts are being developed is becoming increasingly complex. Professionals involved in the world of contracts must be able to work effectively with customers, contractors and subcontractors to achieve key organisational objectives. Learn what actions can be taken to help ensure contractors and subcontractors perform as required under contract. Discover how effective contract negotiation and administration can ensure project success. Through case studies and role play, you will gain a solid understanding of the contracting process and how to create an advantage – whether you are on the buyer or the seller’s side.

What topics will be covered in the course?

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  1. Understanding the Contract Management Process
    1. Contract management definition
    2. Description and uses of contracts
    3. Buyer and seller perspectives
    4. Contract management and the PMBOK® Guide
  2. Teamwork – Roles and Responsibilities
    1. Concepts of agency
    2. Types of authority
    3. Privity of contract
    4. Contractor personnel
  3. Concepts and Principles of Contract Law
    1. Mandatory elements of a legally enforceable contract
    2. Terms and conditions
    3. Remedies
    4. Interpreting contract provisions
  4. Contracting Methods
    1. Contracting methods—competitive and noncompetitive
    2. Purchase cards, imprest funds or petty cash
    3. Sealed bidding, two-step sealed bidding, competitive negotiation, and competitive proposals
    4. Reverse auctions
    5. Purchase agreements vs. contracts
    6. Single-source negotiation vs. sole-source negotiation
  5. Developing Contract Pricing Agreements
    1. Uncertainty and risk in contract pricing
    2. Categories and types of contracts
      • Incentive
      • Fixed-price
      • Time and materials
      • Cost-reimbursement
    3. Selecting contract types
  6. Pre-Award Phase
    1. Buyer Activities: plan purchases and acquisitions, plan contracting, request seller response
    2. Seller activities: presales, bid/no-bid decision, bid proposal preparation
    3. Understanding the PMBOK® Guide
  7. Award Phase
    1. Source selection process
    2. Selection criteria: management, technical, and price criteria
    3. Evaluation standards
    4. Evaluation procedures
    5. Negotiation objectives
    6. Negotiating a contract
    7. Tactics and countertactics (buyers vs. sellers)
    8. Document agreement or walk away
  8. Contract Administration
    1. Key contract administration policies
    2. Continued communication
    3. Tasks for buyers and sellers
    4. Contract analysis
    5. Performance and progress
    6. Records, files, and documentation
    7. Managing change
    8. Resolving claims and disputes
    9. Termination

What will I learn?

  • Identify contract components and understand the process from start to finish
  • Select the right contract type for your project
  • Decipher contract legalese
  • Choose the offer that will result in the best value for the buyer
  • Agree on objectives, requirements, plans, and specifications
  • Negotiate favourable terms and make revisions to the contract
  • Apply the rules of contract interpretation in project disputes
  • Administer contracts appropriately and know when and how to terminate before or upon completion

Is this course for me?

This course is for Project Managers who outsource project tasks to subcontractors.

What is included in the price?

All Digital Course Materials

Individual training consultation before and after the course

Does this course help me towards certification/accreditation?

At the end of the course you will get the chance to verify your level of knowledge in a test. You will receive a certificate upon successful participation. This course is also eligible if you aim to achieve an Associate’s or Master’s Certificate from George Washington University. Learn more.

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