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Business Analyse

Foundations of Business Analysis


It helped me to understand the Business Analysis process and structure, including the responsibilities of the BA and PM (appreciating the difference between the two). Also the importance of getting the right people in the room who can make the decisions on behalf of the Business in order to proceed

Information & Data Analyst, Shell


I found the course extremely beneficial, and recommended to my department head on my return as one that would benefit all our project managers. I have been able to apply some of the techniques.

Programme Manager, Functional Excellence, F Hoffman Roche


I find this BA Foundation course as a ‘must have’ class for any project manager who’s striving to achieve success in every project she or he undertakes from its very beginning.

Project Manager, Schlumberger


A useful basic introduction to Business Analysis. As of the rest of ESI courses I have attended, the instructor brings in a good amount of real life examples that make the sessions both concrete and engaging.

"Manager Reference Data, Eurofighter GmbH


The training on BA foundations was very good, I really enjoyed the course and learned a lot. The trainer was very experienced and even though there have been quite a few not native speakers in the classroom he has been able to take everyone with him. All of us have passed the exam. Overall it was all (booking, location, training material, trainer etc.) well-organised and went really well, also it is very nice to be able to choose from a variety of locations and dates for the course. I would definitely recommend ESI.

Senior Associate, Sapient


I got a good impression of what the BA is supposed to do and this will help me in my development from my current role into a new one.

App Delivery Analyst - IM - Europe, Shell


Well-structured course. Excellent materials for the course /exam preparation. Very competent tutor with a wealth of BA experience. Generally good venue – but the chairs were not the most comfortable.

IT Analyst, Cisco


Outstanding course specially for a person who need to start his career in the BA field.

Project Manager, Freelance

Understand the vital role of the business analyst throughout all the phases of a project.

At the project’s earliest stages the business analyst is key to defining the requirements, as well as planning, defining and validating project scope. It’s important to have an understanding of the breadth of knowledge that a business analyst brings to the project team when developing business solutions.

This introductory course provides participants with a basic understanding of the benefits, functions and impact of this critical role. The target audience for this course includes those who are new to the business analyst role or those who supervise and/or work with business analysts. This course provides a special focus on the business analysis function as it relates to developing IT solutions, given that such an understanding is essential for project success.

The course discusses the business analysis process as it is applied throughout a project, including the pre-project activities that comprise enterprise analysis. You'll learn how a business analyst supports the project throughout the solution development life cycle, from establishing the solution vision and scope in the analysis phase to validating that requirements have been met in the testing phase.

After completing this course, you will understand why and when to involve the business analysis function.

What topics will be covered in the course?

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  1. Introduction
    1. What is business analysis?
    2. Best practices in business analysis
    3. Benefits of business analysis
  2. The Role of the Business Analyst
    1. The business analysis process
    2. BA role vs. project manager role
    3. BA competencies
    4. The BA career path
  3. Supporting the Project Portfolio
    1. The project portfolio
    2. Strategic enterprise analysis
    3. Solution Development Life Cycle (SDLC)
  4. Developing the Solution Vision and Scope
    1. Defining solution vision and scope
    2. Vision and scope report
    3. Conducting a visioning workshop
    4. Validating solution scope
    5. Traceability
  5. Understanding Requirements and Business Rules
    1. Functional, nonfunctional and implementation requirements
    2. Requirements vs. specifications
    3. Requirements vs. business rules
    4. Risk management and risk response strategies
  6. Planning and Eliciting Requirements
    1. The Requirements Work Plan (RWP)
    2. Components of the RWP
    3. Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
    4. Elicitation keys to success
    5. Elicitation techniques
    6. Preparing for change
  7. Analysing and Documenting Requirements
    1. Analysing requirements
    2. Characteristics of effective requirements
    3. The Business Requirements Document (BRD)
    4. The BRD vs. the technical specifications document
    5. Components of the BRD
    6. BRD validation techniques
  8. Modelling Requirements
    1. Modelling requirements
    2. Models vs. diagrams
    3. AS-IS vs. TO-BE modelling
    4. Types of models
    5. Models and the BRD
  9. Assessing and Validating Requirements
    1. Validation and verification
    2. V-Model of testing
    3. Levels and types of testing
    4. The master test plan
    5. Test scenarios and test cases

What will I learn?

  • Identify the roles and responsibilities of the business analyst
  • Define requirements
  • Explain the importance of managing risk
  • Define the solution vision and scope
  • Plan the requirements elicitation process
  • Recognise the importance of analysing and documenting requirements
  • Explain the role of modelling for documenting and communicating requirements
  • Perform requirements validation and traceability

Is this course for me?

Foundations of Business Analysis is an introductory course designed to provide participants with a basic understanding of the benefits, functions, and impact of this critical position. This course is perfect for those who are new to the business analyst role or those who supervise and/or work with Business Analysts.

What is included in the price?

All Digital Course Materials

Lunch, snacks, and refreshments on all course days

Online tools and templates

Individual training consultation before and after the course

Does this course help me towards certification/accreditation?

At the end of the course you will get the chance to verify your level of knowledge in a test. You will receive a certificate upon successful participation. This course is also eligible if you aim to achieve an Associate’s or Master’s Certificate from George Washington University. Learn more.

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