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Adaptive Strategic Execution Programme

Aligning Work with Strategy

Learn how to align your own work with the organisation’s strategy, how to influence strategy and provide feedback within a complex environment.

Aligning Work with Strategy sensitises participants to the mindset necessary to think and act strategically as they lead and execute work in their organisations. Attendees focus on the mutually supportive skills of translating the larger organisational strategy to their own work and architecting their own strategies for executing this work. Additionally, participants learn the importance of having a strategic frame of reference that maintains alignment of strategy with the critical domains of work and people to enable effective execution.

The course introduces multiple viewpoints on strategy and illustrates how today’s complex environment requires a more adaptable, responsive, and fluid concept of strategy. It reinforces the need for a more tightly coupled feedback loop between strategy and execution. Participants also learn various ways to maintain alignment between their own local level strategies and the larger overarching organisational strategy that they are ultimately responsible for implementing.

What topics will be covered in the course?

Perspectives on Strategy and Execution
Framing For Alignment
Aligning Ideation, Culture, and Structure
The Measuring Stick: Applying Goals and Metrics For Results
Strategy Execution Mapping
Interpreting the Larger Strategy to Form Your Strategy
Maintaining Alignment

What will I learn?

  • To describe global trends that make today’s work environments different.
  • How to explain the importance of translating and aligning project-based work to organisational strategy.
  • How to identify areas of misalignment in your organisation and team that impede strategic execution.
  • Utilisation of a framework model to identify domains that must be aligned to improve chances of project and programme success.
  • How to assure that project-based work success serves the goals of the organisation.
  • To architect the alignment of necessary elements for strategy execution.
  • How to translate the organisation’s strategy to the work of the department, team and individual.

Is this course for me?

This course is designed for individuals who lead or participate in project-based work. Anyone who is responsible for converting strategic goals to tangible outcomes can benefit from this course.

Available as customised in-house training

Let us bring our classes to you! Our in-house training are ideal for groups of 10 or more people. We can provide Off-the-shelf training in the form of our classic courses, or we can provide bespoke training, tailored to your organisational goals and objectives.

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