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Procurement und Contract Management Curriculum

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Seminare: Procurement und Contract Management

Das Procurement und Contract Management Curriculum wurde entwickelt, um Sie zu unterstützen, Vertragsangebote einzuholen, Verträge auszuhandeln, abzuschließen und schließlich zu erfüllen. Die Trainings dieses Curriculums behandeln den gesamten Prozess des Einkaufs und Vertragswesens, von der Definition der Anforderungen bis hin zur Erfüllung des Vertrags. Sie vermitteln Ihnen das Know-how in den entscheidenden Kompetenzbereichen des Vertragsmanagements sowie der Leitung Ihres Einkaufs.

Selecting Vendors

In this course, participants will be introduced to a unique model to help determine the most appropriate vendor relationship to address your various project needs. The course covers what project managers need to know to influence the contracting process to establish more effective, long-term, win-win relationships with capable, compatible ‘partners’. It explores activities that are essential to effective vendor selection: articulating the right requirement, building the right relationship, finding the right partner, structuring the right contract and maintaining the right attitude between the parties.

Managing Contracts

This course explores these vital issues from the manager’s perspective, highlighting key roles and responsibilities to give you greater influence over how work is performed. You’ll also discuss actions that can be taken to help ensure that contractors or subcontractors perform as required under the contract. Lectures are combined with case studies, exercise and negotiation role-playing to maximise the learning experience.

Managing Service Level Agreements

This course is designed to equip the personnel involved in developing and managing SLAs with the knowledge needed to maximize the benefits of performance-based service contracts. You will learn to measure and document contractor performance and reach successful contract completion by applying the appropriate incentives. The course exercises are based on real-life, performance-based contract management scenarios that take participants beyond a mere review of the process aspects of obtaining effective contractor performance.

Writing Statements of Work

This course is designed for practical use by requirements developers, in-house SOW team members as well as contract managers and project managers. It is designed for those individuals whose responsibilities include properly identifying needs and turning them in to high-quality contracts. It provides the information you need to consistently develop and administer effective SOWs. This course implements challenging team exercises and case studies that will take you through the process of building solid statements of work.