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Strategy Execution's Project Manager Competency Model

Project Manager Competency Model and PM360

In 2006, Strategy Execution developed a Project Manager Competency Model and launched its PM360™ tool. This was developed in order to help clients measure and benchmark the soft skill competencies and behaviours of their project managers, against the Project Manager Competency Model - from a true 360° perspective.

How is this true 360° perspective achieved?

Individuals rate themselves in the 6 Competency Areas and 40 individual behaviours. This "self-rating" is then measured against and compared with, the views of key internal stakeholder groups – Sponsors, Line Managers, Team Members. You can then see whether this key group apply equal importance to these competencies and behaviours, and whether they perceive the same level of application.

Organisation and Industry Acumen

Ability to align the project to your company’s organisational strategy; to make sound business decisions in support of the organisational strategy; to seek out, find, and use industry best practices and appropriate technologies to support the project; and to successfully navigate the political environment of the organisation.


Personal Efficiency

Ability to focus your personal drive and initiative, along with the flexibility, to build personal credibility and to foster positive attitudes and behaviours both in yourself as well as others.

Process Expertise

Ability to implement and apply project management processes, best practices, and techniques throughout the project life cycle, within the framework of the organisation’s methodologies and governance rules, to ensure project success. It includes accomplishing all deliverables according to the project plan.



Ability to articulate ideas, concepts and decisions, clearly and in an appropriate way, to achieve common understanding and to gain commitment and support from all Stakeholders.

Customer Focus

Ability to use negotiation, conflict management and other interpersonal skills to maximise your customers’ participation, value, and satisfaction and to achieve long-term customer relationships.


Team Leadership

Ability to build productive teams and maximise the team’s performance; to develop individuals and teams to achieve or exceed stated project goals; and to create an environment that supports innovation and creativity.