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PM360: A PM Competency Assessment™

PM360 PM360: A PM Competency Assessment™ is a 360-degree project management assessment that helps you examine your employees’ abilities from every angle.

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With PM360™ you can:

  • Gather essential information about the project manager’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Identify and develop your best performers
  • More effectively assign projects throughout your staff
  • Identify the training your staff needs to improve their capabilities

PM360™ allows you to collect information about individual performance in the following areas:

  • Organisation and Industry Acumen
  • Process Expertise
  • Customer Focus
  • Team Leadership Identify the training your staff needs to improve their capabilities
  • Communication
  • Personal Effectiveness

The assessment culminates in a detailed and comprehensive report that will help you examine your employees’ competency levels in a variety of ways.

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The confidential PM360™ survey is made up of 40 targeted questions that measure the individual employee’s ability to perform certain practices and the importance of those practices as they apply to your organisation. The project manager can be evaluated by his or her direct supervisors, current and former project sponsors, and project team members.

PM360™ is based on a profile of the ideal project manager — a profile that ESI has developed over the last 25 years. When the survey is complete, ESI will help you review the results in comparison to this ideal benchmark, identify strengths and weaknesses, and recommend a strategy for performance improvement. You’ll gain the insight you need to ensure that your team members have the knowledge and skills necessary to help meet your organisational goals.

With your best team members at work on your most mission-critical projects, you’ll dramatically increase your chances of success and be able to promote and retain your key employees.